Writing analytically with readings pdf download

List of topics characterized as pseudoscience A topic, practice, or body of knowledge might reasonably be termed pseudoscientific when it is presented as consistent with the norms of scientific research, but it demonstrably fails to meet these norms.

Writing analytically with readings pdf download

writing analytically with readings pdf download

The paper is full of assertions that conflict with what we know about protons and black holes. To see why this is silly, all you need to do is look at what a dyne is, and try to find something comparable.

How can this be the force holding protons together? You can separate protons from a nucleus by tapping them with a tiny electron in a small accelerator.

The issue here is not so much that he got something wrong, but that he is capable of presenting a theory in all seriousness that gives results that are so far from reality without even stopping to notice.

He also tells us that every atom of our body contains protons which have a mass of million tonnes each. That ought to raise a few very heavy eyebrows too. Introducing the theory to the world: Below is a clip in which Haramein introduces The Schwarzschild Proton theory at a "free energy" conference in So why is he saying these things?

If you skip to 6: But what he says next explains why he wants to so badly: In some messed-up world where people are encouraged to worship the equation despite not understanding what it means or what it implies, perhaps they are becoming a means of rhetoric.

Good at emotionally charging what he says with promises of a magic perfect future, so that you actually really want to ignore any doubts you might have, and just believe it all. Indeed, in this clip he gloats about how his "first law of physics" insight stopped all the other physicists in the room in their tracks This law explicitly only applies to forces on a pair of interacting objects.

If I kick a brick, the brick exerts a force back on my foot and it hurts. If I catch a baseball, hand applies slowing force to ball, ball applies hitting force to hand.

That kind of thing. There are many, many reasons why this is silly. Why would something need to contract anyway? If space itself expands, then there just is more space.

Why would anything need to contract to make room for it? This becomes a big theme in many of his other ideas. I think people deserve better than this. That means if you shine a light in one direction That means we live inside a black hole. Perhaps it just came out mangled. Kind of a re-union with the light, I suppose Unless you stretch your definition of black hole by a very long way.

But his explanation of why the night sky is black really beggars belief. Peer review Skip to 5: Of course, it never happened. Why does he string people along like this?

I guess he believes it, and wants us to believe it too. Is Stephen Hawking working on unification theories in which all subatomic particles are mini-black holes? There will be searches for tiny black holes because some theories predict that if there are several extra dimensions of space, and if these dimensions are not too small, then black holes should appear in the collider experiments — and immediately evaporate, leaving a particular decay signature.

Can he fit any more misinformation into one ten-minute chunk of a presentation? Biological cells are black holes too At 8: He seems to be trying to suggest that somehow this means a cell must be a black hole.PS 2 political participation in modern society, and the nature of social and political institutions which mediate between the citizen and the state.

I'm aiming to encourage people to think carefully about what he is telling them. I'm not out to discourage people from trying out any promising new ideas – what I want is to help people question what's out there for themselves. Course Outline ENG English Composition II Credits: Hours: Lecture/Lab Pre-requisite: Placement test or ENG with a minimum grade of C.

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PS INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE Fall Professor Marc Ross Overview. What is politics and how do political scientists study it?

writing analytically with readings pdf download

If this question were asked about one of the natural sciences, students would be given a. Jun 08,  · I'm aiming to encourage people to think carefully about what he is telling them.

I'm not out to discourage people from trying out any promising new ideas – what I want is to help people question what's out there for themselves.

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