Writing a blurb template ks2 past

The first day of Hanukkah falls on a different day each year because the Jewish calendar is lunar based. This holiday usually occurs between the end of November and the end of December. The Menorah, or candle holder, is an important part of the tradition of Hanukkah and it is why this holiday is often referred to as the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah is celebrated with the lighting of the menorah, spinning the dreidel, and eating traditional foods such as latkes potato pancakes.

Writing a blurb template ks2 past

Noelle is an author, editor, and writing coach. You know the ones: But notice in the examples of similes above, and many more you can probably think of, that some of the objects compared make little sense today.

How dead is a doornail? Why is it deader than a screw or a staple? How does a log sleep? Does it twitch, snore? How cute is a button?

writing a blurb template ks2 past

Or the black coat of a funeral director? I encountered the tired-simile syndrome with a recent passage in a novel and, desperate for freshness, developed a method to create better similes.

Reaching for Surprising Similes I wanted the simile to convey more than a striking image. And found the right simile: Have you read any similes lately that surprised you? To describe the object, write out all the similes you can think of. Start with the ones that come easily. Get at least three or four.

Then visualize the object; see it clearly in front of you. How does it look, feel, smell, taste? How would a friend, sibling, stranger react to it?

THE LITERACY SHED. Home The Literacy Shed Blog CPD Conference About Book of the week Testimonials Books for Topics (external site) The Numeracy Shed A Tale Unfolds Stone Age to Iron Age KS2 Resources Contact Us #litshedconf Index Roman Workshop WW2 Workshop Skyaudio VocabularyNinja New Page The Fairytale shed. Top of page. Home The Literacy. A narrated animation of the introduction to 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. The animation shows an interpretation of the description of the Iron Man's movement, appearance and descent from the cliff. Write your own book blurb! A great sheet to inspire children to write their own blurb, perhaps from a known book or a book they would like the write themselves! Also available as lined, narrow lined, fully lined half lined and editable - a wide variety of options to cover all activities!5/5(1).

What else is this object like? What does this object make me think of? Write your responses to each question.

writing a blurb template ks2 past

And wait and listen. Something, or several things, more will come to you. Write them all down. You can follow him on Instagram jhbunting.Friday, 17 February Review: Gangsta Granny Ben’s Granny isn’t all that different to many other grannies - she has white hair, false teeth and tucks tissues up her sleeve.

She does have a few unique quirks though. There’s her fondness for cabbage and a small detail about her past. You see, Ben’s granny was an international jewel thief.

Celebrations, Events, Holidays, and Dates in History:

Topics for essay on education nepali spring essay writing diwali vacation an essay abstract data structure writing essay about weekend service illegal about my classmate essay parents love mobile phone topic essay misuses go to cinema essay in english. If you’re writing a first person narrative, avoid having the viewpoint character describe themselves in painstaking detail.


Instead, bring in key characteristics that are relevant to who they are (e.g. they’re overweight and trying to shed excess pounds – or they’re unusually tall / short and it bothers them).

Reaching for Surprising Similes

"The chaos of years past gives birth to a new order." Choristers dressed in robes of white and gold line the stands behind a man dressed in pure white robes and holding a golden staff, shaped like three winged serpents entwined together.

CBBC Newsround - Your stories, your world - first! Learn how to make a change in the local environment by writing letters about a problem in your area. A narrated animation of the introduction to 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. The animation shows an interpretation of the description of the Iron Man's movement, appearance and descent from the cliff.

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