Turgidity of potato tuber

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Turgidity of potato tuber

A method of treating stored tubers with at least two different sprout inhibitors comprising: The treatment of claim 5, wherein said 1 ,4-DMN is in an undiluted liquid form and is introduced through at least some Turgidity of potato tuber the same thermofogger lines as the CIPC chemicals.

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The treatment of claim 4, wherein an aerosol of CIPC is present among the stored potatoes during introduction of an aerosol of 1 ,4-DMN to said potatoes.

A method of treating nascent sprouting stored potatoes, wherein an aerosol of CIPC is introduced into a potato storage facility while an aerosol of 1 ,4-DMN is present in said facility.

An aerosolization treatment of non-dormant potatoes in a box storagi potato facility, Turgidity of potato tuber potatoes containing a residue of a previously applied sprout inhibitor comprising: A method of treating post-harvest potatoes with sprout-inhibiting chemicals comprising: The method of claim 1 1wherein the 1 ,4-DMN is applied at a dosage of about 4 ppm to about 20 ppm.

The method of claim 1 1wherein the CIPC is applied at a dosage of about 2 ppm to about 20 ppm and said 1 ,4-DMN is applied at a dosage of about 2 ppm to about 20 ppm. The method of claim 13, wherein the CIPC is applied at a dosage of about 4 ppm to about 12 ppm and the 1 ,4-DMN is applied at a dosage of about 4 ppm to about 10 ppm.

The method of claim 1 1wherein the first treatment with 1 ,4-DMN is applied before said stored potatoes have completed suberization. The method of claim 1 1wherein the non-dormant stored potatoes are treated with an aerosol of CIPC following the treatment with 1 ,4-DMN.

A method of devitalizing eyes of post-harvest potatoes in a potato storage facility comprising: Treating the potatoes with a first chemical capable of disrupting apical dominance prior to substantial emergence of sprouts on the potatoes. The method of claim 17 wherein said pair of chemicals are applied separately without the potatoes being ventilated with fresh air in between said separate treatments.

The method of claim 17 wherein said first chemical is applied to said potatoes while substantially all potatoes remain in a state of dormancy.

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The method of claim 21 wherein said first chemical is CIPC applied as an aerosol at applied dosage of less than about 20 ppm. The method of claim 21 wherein the first chemical is 1 ,4-DMN applied as an aerosol at an applied dosage of less than about 20 ppm.

The method of claim 17 wherein the pair of chemicals are applied separately to have one chemical present in the headspace of said potato storage facility when the other chemical is applied.

Such storage often requires the use of chemical sprout inhibitors to preclude sprouting of the potatoes. The principal chemical used has been chloroisopropyl carbamate CIPCwhich has been effective. However, it has often been overused and ineffectively utilized.

Additionally, it is a toxin and may have adverse environmental effects. Treatment of storage facilities solely with CIPC generally greatly exceeds such a limit. CIPC is generally applied to a storage facility as an aerosol. Improvements in CIPC treatment technology have progressed over the past 20 years.

CIPC is currently thermofogged to form minute liquid aerosol particles which crystallize upon evolving in the headspace of a storage facility to deposit upon stored potatoes as very fine crystals solid particles which sublimate to a vapor which inhibits sprouts as a mitosis inhibiting upon appearance of a nascent sprout peep.

Although methanol was a very effective solvent, CIPC was typically deposited in large volumes on the fans and superstructure of the storage facility. Methanol did not efficiently dissolve or redistribute CIPC deposits throughout a storage facility. Practice of the reduced airflow in the storage facility, however, greatly diminished this unwanted, wasteful deposit.

Later, in the mid s, methods for creating useful aerosols from pure, molten CIPC that eliminates expensive, noxious solvents and their decomposition problems were described in U.

Many other chemicals have been evaluated over the years as alternative sprout inhibitors to CIPC, including citral, 1 ,4-DMN 1 ,4 dimethyl naphthaleneand others.

The 1 ,4-DMN isomer is naturally present in harvested potatoes in minute, but detectable quantities. Ina patent issued to Riggle et al. Thus, aerosolization of a premix would be at a non-preferred temperature for at least one of the chemicals.

The ratios set forth in Riggle et al. Further, the minimum dosages used were 14 ppm of each chemical. Data in the Riggle et al.

Turgidity of potato tuber

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20 6 Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology Figure Tomato fruit on the vine. Photo credit: J.K. Brecht, University of Florida. Locular gel Columella Placenta Skin Radial pericarp Seeds Outer pericarp Figure Anatomical structure of a tomato fruit.

Turgidity is the point at which the cell's membrane pushes against the cell wall, which is when turgor pressure is high. When the cell membrane has low turgor pressure, it is flaccid. In plants, this is shown as wilted anatomical structures.

Green Miracle effectively reduces the water loss from the plant and Certified by IMO, the Swiss certification agency, for use in Organic Farming, it is based . Host: Potato Name: Brown rot Cause: Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith) Yabuuchi et al. (= Pseudomonas solanacearum Smith) 감자 갈색썩음병(2) Distinct grayish brown discoloration of vascular tissue in tuber with brown rot (left) and grayish discoloration extending into the pith and cortex of a tuber with brown rot (right).

It has been reported that a phenotypic response of potato tubers to DMN exposure is an increase in turgidity and maintenance of tuber fresh weight (J.

Zalewsky, personal communication). Interestingly the KRP genes are known to decrease cell number and increase .

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