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Thesis binding auckland mt roskill

GlobexMicon International Limited Micon has been retained to complete an initial mineral resource estimate for the Timmins Talc-Magnesite deposit located immediately south of the town of Timmins, Ontario, Canada, and to prepare a Technical Report to support its release to the public. Since its discovery in the early s, no testwork to evaluate the economic viability of producing refractory grade magnesia from the Timmins Talc-Magnesite deposit was completed until the s.

Canadian Magnesite Mines Limited then conducted a series of testing programs that were successful in producing a saleable product by means of conventional processing technologies, but it was unable to secure sufficient funding to develop the project.

Thereafter, interest in the potential economic viability of the talc component of the mineralization was investigated. Royal Oak in MRL proceeded to conduct extensive laboratory and pilot plant studies and concluded in a report that an initial plant should be designed to treattpa of feed to produce 65, tpa of caustic calcined MgO including a chlorine roasting step to remove the iron.

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A high grade 50, tpa dead-burned MgO product was envisaged with the remainder to be marketed as a caustic calcined MgO product. By-product talc production was forecast at 70, tpa.

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Globex acquired the property in and has been conducting further exploration along with economic and engineering reviews. The claim holdings lie in south-central Deloro Township, approximately 11 kilometres southeast of Timmins, Ontario. The project consists of 19 unsurveyed, staked mining claims, totalling 24 claim units of more or less 16 hectares each, covering an approximate area of hectares.

As well, the project also consists of an approximately equally sized area of severed, surface-rights-only mining patents. The climate of the area is generally cold. The daily average mean temperature at the nearby Timmins Victor Power Airport for the period is 1.

The Timmins area has a long history of gold and base metals mining that dates back to the early s. Given this long mining history, the Timmins area is a ready source of all resources necessary to permit and develop a mineral project and to commission and operate a mine and processing facility.

The Timmins Talc-Magnesite project is strategically located to take advantage of local infrastructure including major road networks, electrical power transmission lines and a commercial airport served by regularly scheduled flights.

The claim group is of sufficient size to support the operation of an open pit mine, although the land holdings will likely need to be expanded to accommodate a processing plant and tailings storage facility. The topography of the property is rather flat and swampy in places, comprising an area of sandy glacial outwash.

The relief of the area is generally low, on the order of 10 metres.

Early diamond drilling, in the area of the current project, was carried out by Porcupine Southgate and focussed on precious metal exploration. A total of 29 bore holes, totalling 8, The property had been originally examined for refractory magnesia potential by Canadian Magnesite Mines during the 's, during which time 8 diamond drill holes for 1, The project was optioned by Magnesium Refractories Ltd.

Diamond drilling campaigns were carried out by Globex inand with the purpose of confirming the results obtained by previous operators and to supply sample material for metallurgical testing. Inpreliminary laboratory work by Drinkard Metalox indicated that the intersected magnesite mineralization could produce a high quality magnesia and magnesia by-products, using hydrometallurgical techniques.

Additional bench testing and engineering is currently underway, in order to investigate the potential of using these processing methods. Given the high level of mineral endowment in the Timmins area, the geological setting of the region has been the subject of study for a period of time approaching years.

As such, details of the regional geology of the area have been updated over the years as additional geological information has become available and the level of understanding has increased. Consequently, a great body of work is available in regard to the various aspects of the regional and local geology of this area, the details of which are available from such publicly available sources as the Ontario Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Canada, various technical publications and from academia.

In brief, the project area is located along the southeastern flank of a geological structure known as the Shaw Dome, which is interpreted to be a large anticlinal structure that plunges to the southeast. The core of the Shaw Dome is composed of an older sequence of rocks that are referred to as the Deloro Group while the peripheries of the Dome are composed of a younger sequence of rocks that are referred to as the Tisdale Group.

The detailed geology of the claim holdings is not well understood due to limited outcrop exposure, however the information available suggests that the overall trend of the stratigraphic units on the property seems to be generally in an east-west orientation, with the bulk of the claims being underlain by rocks of mafic and ultramafic composition.

The presence of an east-west striking diabase dike is interpreted from its magnetic signature, outcrop exposure and from drill hole information.

Several occurrences of talc-magnesite are known to be present on the property, the largest of which is located to the south of the diabase dike and is referred to as the A Zone. This zone has been traced by surface trenching, mapping and drill hole information along a strike length of approximately 1, metres, to depths of approximately to metres and achieves widths of metres at surface.

The information available to date suggests that the A Zone has a near vertical dip in an overall sense, although the north and south contacts can be seen to locally dip steeply to either the north or south.

Deposit Types and Mineralization: The deposit under consideration has long been viewed as a potential source of magnesite and talc. These minerals are found in a variety of deposit types throughout the world and have a variety of end uses.

A brief description of the various deposit types of magnesite is provided in Duncan and McCracken A brief description of the various forms of talc deposits is provided by Harbin A description of the mineralization found at the Timmins Talc-Magnesite deposit was prepared by Kretcshmar and Kretschmar in who state that the very low CaO content in the magnesite-talc body makes the carbonate mineralization a potential source of refractory magnesia.

However, iron substitution in the magnesite lattice means that the iron cannot be removed by standard physical methods. The iron, therefore, limits the grade of magnesia 3 11 concentrate or dead-burned refractory product.thesis binding auckland mt roskill order who i admire report for safe purchase dissertation abstract on prime minister manmohan singh aqa ict coursework literature review on erebos ursula poznanski do dissertation results about scream for safe online good essay writing website.

Thesis binding auckland mt roskill

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Thesis binding auckland mt roskill

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