The poo that was

The thought of ditching shampoo is scary. The idea scared me for a long time, too. The reasons offered usually include:

The poo that was

Next month it will be a year since I stopped shampooing my hair. I still wash my hair, but I do it No Poo Style. What the Heck is Low Poo? Low Poo is a way of cleaning and washing your hair with a sulfate free shampoo product. I have two boys.

Low Poo is a gentler alternative to commercial shampoos containing sulfates, but be prepared for your first 2 or 3 washing to deliver less than disappointing results than you are used to. Your hair is just getting used to the gentler shampoo. Some have complained that their hair felt dry or had flakes or white debris when they started low pooing, take heart — it will pass.

The white stuff is usually the waxes and buildup from your old products being released from your hair. Right before they start to flake off your hair can feel dry. In a few days your hair will return to better than normal. Conditioning is recommended because you are still removing some of the natural oils from your hair.

I always say, test it out! Try just the Low Poo shampoo first. If your hair seems dry, add a sulfate free conditioner.

The poo that was

Your hair will tell you what it needs. The Natural Haven has a list of Low Poo shampoos that is very comprehensive if you are looking for tons of alternatives other than the ones listed here.

They are safe for color treated hair and for swimmers. There are many other Low Poo shampoos out there, like Deva Curl but the price tag is pretty hefty. Depending on your hair there are two options for you to check out: Low Poo Sulfate Free Shampoos Sulfate free gentle formula containing omega-3 and omaga-6 fatty acids to moisturize hair without weigh down.

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The Story of Poo I confess. I’m obsessed with all things natural! I expect a lot out of the products I choose to bring into my home.

The poo that was

I formulated Poo~Pourri as the first natural, truly effective solution to a universal problem: poop happens, and it stinks!


Aloe Honey No Poo Recipe

I’ve spent two straight years with that nasty, waxy hair. It would look worse /after/ I showered with baking soda/vinegar or natural shampoo than when I hadn’t showered for days but it . Lifting the lid on the secret world of poo.

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