The city planners by margaret atwood and where i come from by elizabeth brewster essay

This conveys a sense that everything in the city is controlled by them, even nature. This foreshadows the theme of organized life of people and nature. Sanitary trees, assert Levelness of surface like a rebuke This line gives an effect to the reader that everything is perfect in the city.

The city planners by margaret atwood and where i come from by elizabeth brewster essay

Significant poetic devices and their significance egg: Metaphors, symbols, rhyme scheme, form, imagery, repetition… etc Structure level analysis 1.

Note that as the poem continues, the size of each stanza starts to decrease in size. This can illustrate the level of suppression that we see in terms of self-expression due to development. Development is occurring at a fast rate, especially in this era where more educated people are appearing, creating wonderful inventions that we have never before thought possible.

Therefore the paragraphing deals with a time shift that as this continues we start to experience oppression more and more. Alternatively, she could be addressing the transition from the urban area to rural area as housing becomes smaller and more and more packed together and furthermore becomes taller and taller.

It can in a sense bring a sense of claustrophobia as we feel that our area of movement becomes more limited, similar to how the size of the paragraph becomes smaller and smaller as we continue reading, limiting the amount of content that we can include in it.

Word — Based Analysis 1. This is similar to the works of Hunting Snake by Judith Wright which creates this beautiful imagery for the same purpose. Take note of the use of the time frame to create such an image as well.

For Christians, Sunday is considered the holy day that Jesus risen from the dead. It is therefore a day where you spend time with your loved ones and the ones that matter most to you. Of course this inspires a sense of happiness and a slow relaxed feeling as you recall a day with your family, free of any worries or stresses of work.

This is very similar to the works of The Planners which exaggerates upon development having a more profound power over nature, something so powerful previously that has been alive and thriving for over hundreds and hundreds of years even before the coming of man.

It is the insanities that make us sane. What is something without its contradictions?

The City Planners by Margaret Atwood – English Language and Literature

Therefore she could be implying that everyone is sane, which is completely insane. On the other hand she could be expressing the fact that everyone in the city is complying by the rules and regulations of what is sane and insane, representing conformity throughout the city and limiting self-expression.

She believes that all form of self-expression should be expressed and trying to put a stop on that is bad. She is sickened by this fact as she does not believe that society should tell you who you are. Who are you to call someone else insane?

Nowadays there are treatments and illnesses for everything. If you are not normal, you are mentally ill, which is not right at all. Be a little agitated and you have ADHD. Get angry and suddenly you have anger management issues. Here she is about to list. I am not going to structure it according to the poem but according to the point for the sake of improving my reference techniques.

This is what the poet hates the most about these cities. It is always in times of this that I picture the scene in Spongebob Squarepants where Squidward moves to Squidville, where everything is completely the same. The buildings are similar, so the lifestyle of the people must be as well.

Nature is being oppressed to grow in a peculiar way in a peculiar location, just for the sake of decoration in the city. This in a way is a sense of mockery of nature by development as nature always tends to be free and uncontrolled, which is the direct opposite of the implied city that the poet is describing.

It requires the beautiful bacteria and animals that live in these things to survive. Everything is so level and straight that having a dent in the car which is considered normal for car drivers is considered wrong.

The perfectness in an insult to the imperfection. The fact that everything is perfect creates the impression that everything is owned by someone else presumably the government and that you have no power, even in your own home.

This induces a feeling of suppression as you start to think that everything is run and owned by someone else and that what you do has no impact on someone as powerful as them.

The city planners by margaret atwood and where i come from by elizabeth brewster essay

Of course, we are referring to the politicians and governments that run the city, the City Planners that Margaret Atwood describes as evil and fundamentally conspirators. The poet here is addressing the many rules and regulations that we find in the city, as if it is because of this that we find a lack of everything she describes, which it is of course.

It also makes it sound way too harsh.The City Planners towards the end as she addresses the conspirators of the City Planners, similar to how the poet in The Planners addresses the unknown plans of progress, or the multinational companies that spur progress “They”. Margaret Atwood talks about each politician or City Planner being in their own private blizzard this can be a metaphor for money, as the investment of the politician brings in a lot of money.

On the other hand it can also refer to a disaster, as wealth often brings about the worst in people. • Atwood wrote the poem after driving around a modern city.

She felt there was a lack of vitality and a similarity about the suburbs. She begins with the word “cruising” to establish the sense of driving through a residential area . The poem the City Planners – Sample Essay – Write My Essay Now In the poem the x27;City Planners x27; and x27;Where I come from x27; by Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth Brewster respectively, the poets use metaphors, imagery and use of negative as well as positive diction to describe the influence of the People over nature and animal kingdom.

The City Planners By Margaret Atwood Parisha Mistry-Patel 2. Margaret Eleanor Atwood • Birth Date: 18th November • Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Mar 23,  · The City Planners: Margaret Atwood ‘The City Planners’ by Margaret Atwood, is essentially a recount of the persona driving through a suburban street, and her thoughts based on the suburb she is driving through.

The city planners by margaret atwood and where i come from by elizabeth brewster essay

The theme of this poem is perfection, uniformity, man’s attempts to control nature, and lust of power (the city planners).

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