Suggestions for college students and how to maximize your college education

Advice for Incoming Students: It's an exciting time, full of newfound independence for many, and as a college president, it's thrilling to watch your campus fill up with young people on the cusp of discovering themselves as adults. The first few days and weeks are an exciting time of transition between high school and college, and truthfully, one for which so many are unprepared. I hope these tips will help you get ready for some of the best years of your life.

Suggestions for college students and how to maximize your college education

Two things I love this time of year — that back to school feeling and sharing advice with students Here are five suggestions for the school year: Show up and be present. Listen to the professor and the discussion.

If the class can be recorded, listen to it again later so that the material can really soak into your brain. When you actually pay attention, you retain a lot more information, save time on studying and do better on tests. The money you or your parents are spending or if you took out student loans to pay the tuition all came from hard work.

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You have a long life ahead of you, and everyone needs to start thinking about how to maximize their earnings, even by starting small, to help provide for themselves and their loved ones for the decades to come.

Go out — but just for a moment. Temptations to go to parties and to hang out with friends instead of studying are hard to resist.

What do you do? To manage her time and her friendships, she would go to the party and work the room just once.

Suggestions for college students and how to maximize your college education

A few hugs, a few pictures. She says no one ever wonders where she went, and she was able to manage her schedule much better.

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Tap the brakes on your impatience. So many adults wish they could go back to school to learn.

Suggestions for college students and how to maximize your college education

They really are on to something She joined the network in as a contributor. Click here for more information on Dana Perino. Follow her on Twitter DanaPerino.Nov 01,  · Just before they graduated, students from McDaniel's Class of shared some advice on how to make the most of your college experience.

. College is the time to discover that your interests may not be as steadfast as they seem — make the most of the classes that your school offers, even if they fall . Aug 29,  · Keep track of your life. Though it may seem like a no-brainer, it's worth stating that the primary reason you're at college is to get an education, so make sure to make the most of it.

How to Save for Your Child’s College Education. Here are some ways to start saving for your child’s education, and tips to help them fund their education in other ways as well: These programs offer alternative ways to increase your college savings account for your .

It used to be common for students to begin their college careers with a general education program made up of core courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and a few other subjects.

Along with understanding the culture of a school and the academic options it provides, students should also research financial aid opportunities available at a college or university.

Blogger O'Shaughnessy recommends students have a list of questions to ask a school's financial aid department while on campus.

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