Solidworks get write access macro to open

Multi-User Environment Manage write access for shared documents in a multi-user environment. Users share a file when they have loaded the same file from the same location. Tooltips in the FeatureManager design tree inform you if a part, assembly, subassembly, or component is read-only. If another user with write access has the document open, the tooltip names the user.

Solidworks get write access macro to open

Performs the actions listed in the macro. Single Step Enables single-step mode. When you run the macro in this mode, each action is performed one at a time.

After each action is complete, the Macro Single Step dialog box is displayed. Click Step in the dialog box to advance to the next action.

solidworks get write access macro to open

Click Stop All Macros to stop this and any other running macros. Click Continue to exit single-step mode and to perform the remaining actions without stopping. Builder When you enter an action argument that can contain an expression, this button is enabled.

Click Builder to open the Expression Builder dialog box, which you can use to build the expression. Rows Inserts one or more blank action rows above the selected row or rows. Delete Rows Deletes the selected action row or rows.

To display a longer list of macro actions, click Show All Actions. When the longer list of macro actions is available, the Show All Actions button appears selected. If you select a macro action from this longer list of macro actions, then you may need to grant the database explicit trust status before you can run the action.

To switch from a longer list of macro actions to a shorter list that displays only those macro actions that can be used in a database that has not been trusted, make sure that the Show All Actions button is not selected. When the Show All Actions button is not selected, the shorter list of trusted macro actions is available.

Macro Names Shows or hides the Macro Name column. Macro names are required in macro groups to distinguish the individual macros from each other, but otherwise, macro names are optional. For more information, see the section Create a macro group. Conditions Shows or hides the Condition column.

You use this column to enter expressions that control when an action is performed. Arguments Shows or hides the Arguments column. This column displays the arguments for each macro action and makes it easier to read through your macro.Ok, here it is.

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The Macro is attached. The screenshot of the macro is also attached. This macro creates a plane, draws a rectangle and extrudes it, every time in the same position irrespective of any other already presented features etc. Find that early bird and get them to open the macro file in the VBA editor and close the file using File > Close and Return to SolidWorks.

Closing the window in the upper right corner will not work! Mar 27,  · Re: Get Write Access Jeff Holliday Mar 26, PM (in response to Wendell Hatton) In Workgroup you do not "get write access" you "take ownership".

I understand, however SolidWorks will be open at the time, and SolidWorks API is required for the rest of the document macro including rebuilding and some other functions. You should be able to access/update the properties without opening them.

Here are example codes to change Description property. macro can to write . You can also run an Excel macro from SolidWorks by using: "MyMacro" MyMacro (or whatever you choose to call it) will, of course, have to exist as a macro in the workbook you open.

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