Short essay on mass communication

Present age is called the age of information. With the advancement of digital technology, mass media have become a powerful. And it is the most influential source of various news, views, ideas and opinion.

Short essay on mass communication

When we communicate we are trying the establish commonness with someone. That is, we are trying to share information, an idea or an attitude.

The process of communication started with travelers and letters. The transformation in European Societies following the Renaissance, reformation and industrial revolution resulted in a sea change and the Modernization process began spreading to newer areas beyond Europe.

Due to rapid development in technologies the process of communication was fast and receipts of communication and feedback was ensured. What we call mass media communication today, are the product to technologies operating directly in our society.

Mass media and communication technologies have become integral parts of our life and our society. While the principal focus in the studies of communications in organizations is on formal organization such as political parties, business enterprises or labour union, some of the observations apply to social units that are not ordinarily thought of as organization family groups, neighborhoods or nation sates Davidson, More commonly, an effort is Short essay on mass communication to relate patterns of internal communication to the effectiveness of the organization in carrying out its purpose.

Most such studies have been concerned primarily with interpersonal or inter unit communication. By contrast, relatively little effort has been devoted to exploring the role of mass media in organizational life. Mass communication researchers have been more interested in the impact of Media on individuals than on organizations.

In planning for utilization of new communication technologies, for example, one is forced to ask about their significance not only for the individual but also for all types of social organization from political parties, police departments and industries to families, neighborhoods and voluntary associations.

It is Short essay on mass communication that mass communication channels can substitute for face-to-face channels in Medical, educational, organizations, thus decisively altering their structure.

Communication and organizations, which are traditionally been regarded as individually self-contained units, now viewed as complement and supplement each other.

The major three areas such as communications in business organizations, political communication in general and on the way parties Government with pressure groups and communication in development process in particular with the way in which mass media can help to establish or strengthen political, economic and cultural institutions are the focal point for mass communication studies.

Small organizations usually find face-to-face or point-to-point communication adequate but as organizations grow larger and more complex they tend to rely increasingly on mass communication. Mass communication, as an organizing force performs certain important functions such as to create organizations by focusing attention on an issue and revealing to individuals who share common attitude about the issue and desirable to form an associations or purposeful groups, help diverse people in recognizing their common interests and usefulness of working together towards shared goals, to help nation building, or recruiting member for almost any political party or voluntary association etc.

Short essay on mass communication

In every larger and most loosely organized organizations, mass communication facilitate the internal functioning such as to ensure coordination of the organizations various parts to provide technical information to perform specific jobs, to furnish intelligence for decision making and foster group morale and a sense of belonging.

Communication is any imparting or exchange of information. It may be verbal or non-verbal, intended or unintended. Communication can also be defined as the message s or units of information communicated.

There are various conceptions of what communication involves. There are four main conceptions of communication in the field of mass Communication i. Such other models as Lasswellian formula, propounded by Harold Lasswell, an American political Scientist studied propaganda and attempted to find a theoretical explanation for the effective operation of propaganda campaigns in democracies as well as dictatorships.

Another major development that reinforced the research effort in the field communication was the formulation of cybernetics by Norbert Weiner.

The concept of entropy underwent a rather strange transformation in the hands of information theorist Claude Shannon.

Short essay on mass communication

After the publication of the mathematical theory of communication by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver, communication theory has been open to endless debate. To date, there is no consensus on one theory of communication.

From the plethora of ideas emerging from the debates, All the existing theories clarify four distinct aspects of the communication process as: Thus within the social behavioural context described by these four aspects, communication occurs.

Communication is achieved once a message or information elicited by a source a journalist is transmitted using a medium newspaper to the receiver audienceamong whom it signals or enhances actions, which qualify that the message is accurately received. According to Agee, Ault, and Emerythis communication process occurs under various conditions: However, this is not wholly true when dealing with research articles because they require analysis, evaluation, and application, in addition to reading and comprehending.

In fact earlier hierarchical models of communication theory by Lavidge and Steinerand McGuire concur that reading and understanding is only the first step towards achieving higher cognitive stages of analyzing and evaluating articles, including those that appear in newspapers.

Audience looks for a wide range of things in the mass media, including news, leisure, entertainment, commercials, and education features, among others. While it is difficult to determine precisely the concerns of the audience, it is up to the journalists to communicate their stories in the most accessible form in order to avoid rendering the audience as mere victims rather than receivers of information.

The subject matter of mass communication research is the people who make up the audiences of the different media Agee et. The mass media tend to inform rather than to change attitudes.How mass communication influence our lives especially the children. Discuss advantages and disadvantages.

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Short essay on the Importance of Mass Communication

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