Research proposal sustainable tourism andalusia

Unlike other indigenous cultures in the New World AztecMaya and Inca which left behind abundant archeological and physical evidence of their societies, scant artifacts and evidence remain of the Puerto Rico's indigenous population.

Research proposal sustainable tourism andalusia

To date, the tourism industry has made great efforts in promoting sustainability but there is a big gap between the development of sustainable products and the consolidation of sustainable destinations. Develop recommendations for a second phase implementation project.

Relevance Emphasis on developing economies: Sustainable Tourism is gaining momentum in the Asian and Pacific Region as an important basis for the promotion of economic development in the region.

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Sustainably managed development of the sector is an opportunity to ensure that growth is appropriate for individual economies. Tourism can also have a positive impact on destinations by acting as a tool for social development and safeguarding of the environment, while also promoting economic growth.

This project supports the principles set out by the WTO and addresses issues that are broader than the APEC context, aligning with the work of other multilateral tourism bodies including supporting the work of UNWTO in addressing social development through the Millennium Development Goals and supporting broader UN environmental goals.

Sustainable Tourism is a key factor for the APEC region because it involves economic growth with environmental conservation and social wellbeing.

This project will serve to promote regional integration in all of those aspects. The project will research and articulate the current level of sustainable tourism practices, knowledge and gaps in understanding for member economies. It will also address the role of accreditation and certification in providing quality tourism.

There are a wide range of sustainable tourism initiatives which have been developed globally, many in the private sector, which can be applied to destinations within Economies, regardless of development levels.

Finally, this project would be a partnership between multiple APEC fora, multilateral organizations, academia and the private sector. This publication will support the public and private sector to achieve the goal of environmental, social and economic wellbeing.

A community with a higher quality growth. The TWG has been focused on increasing its exposure to sustainable tourism practices, particularly environmentally based and, in the last several years, has undertaken a range of projects which address elements of sustainability see page 3 for listing.

Research proposal sustainable tourism andalusia

The identification and examination of sustainable tourism accreditation programs and practices through this project will represent the first phase in a series of projects designed to align with the medium-term work plan of the Working Group, building the knowledge, awareness and capacity of member economies to implement sustainable tourism practices which are appropriate to each individual economy.

The next phases, to be implemented in future projects, will provide opportunities for using formal sustainable accreditation in individual economies as models based on the specific requirements of the local tourism industries in destinations. It will also address three of the four critical success factors for the Strategic Plan.

APEC economies at all stages of development can participate in this project making it inclusive, however, greatest benefit will be derived by developing economies in enhancing the quality of their tourism offering.

The project will also promote engagement and dialogue between the public and private sectors of the APEC economies to assist in improving their sustainable development agenda through knowledge sharing and by promoting accreditation and certification schemes.

Beneficiaries and Outputs Direct beneficiaries of the project are: This is highly relevant for SME businesses that are interested in strengthening their relative position to face international markets through a sustainable approach. Gender The best practices research on sustainable tourism will include a gender chapter related to sustainability of local communities.

Research will determine how tourism can have a positive effect on local community sustainability with female work force inclusion. Current research already indicates that women are some of the major proponents of sustainable tourism experiences, particularly in developing economies.

Additionally, the economies will be encouraged to nominate female stakeholders who will participate in the seminar.Puerto Rico (Spanish for "Rich Port"), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, lit.

"Free Associated State of Puerto Rico") and briefly called Porto Rico, is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, approximately 1, miles (1, km) southeast of Miami, Florida.

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Gates of Vienna assignment is focused on presenting an original research proposal about the extent in which a sustainable tourism industry is viable in Andalusia.

Firstly, the reasons why research proves to 3/5(1). Andalusia has implemented a Sustainable Tourism General Plan, which aims to balance the Andalusian tourist sector and guarantee a sustainable and competitive tourist model from the social, environmental and economic point of view, based primarily on having a distinctive selling point.

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