Research papers on crime and punishment

Alternative Punishment for Juveniles Think some teenagers are getting out of hand these days, or heading down the wrong path? There are many different types of alternative punishment; the amount of juvenile crime would dramatically drop if any of these were more greatly enforced. The most effective way to help these teenagers and to get them started down the correct path is enforcing alternative punishment upon them. This form of punishment is sometimes also known as juvenile justice, restorative justice, and community justice Karp,

Research papers on crime and punishment

The concept of capital punishment is a way of deterrence, retribution, restraint or incapacitation rehabilitation and restoration is not new and it is very much understandable from the way human psychology is molded by the fear of happening, the same with themselves.

The idea a of deterrence associated with capital punishment has weight and sense, making capital punishment a public example serves it purpose but any judicial system which works on any other principal than the principal of justice cant be trusted.

The general moral question of Research papers on crime and punishment government has the right to punish wrongdoers by killing them has long plagued philosophers and theologians. Supporters of the death penalty often argue with those who oppose it about the implications of certain verses in scripture and about the general question of whether people forfeit their right to life when they commit murder.

Similar moral arguments focus on whether it is ever legitimate to execute someone for a crime committed as a juvenile or to execute the mentally impaired. Many opponents argue, moreover, that it is senseless for government to kill to show that killing is wrong.

In the present day, what is required is a better and more influential judiciary system rather than just sentencing people to death or even long lifetime sentences. It is accepted that one must pay for his ill doings but for that the difference should be made at the level of justice. Justice should be equal for all.

The arguments against capital punishment are many and convincing and very influential rather than the ones, which are in its favor, they are not just few but are fallacious. Anthony Porter, thought to be a killer, was found guilty in a case of murder of two people back in the year and was to be sentenced to death in Just 48 hours before the implementation, a stay order was approved based on issue about his mental proficiency.

A team of journalism students from Northwestern University took the interest and began to examine the case against Porter and after interviewing many witnesses who had testified or were somehow related to the case. After several months of investigation, what came to light was an astonishing fact that Anthony Porter was absolutely innocent and had nothing to do with the killings.

On the contrary, the real culprit was found to be Alstory Simon not Anthony Porter. He himself admitted of his crime after his wife told that she was there when he killed them. Even afterwards the chief witness confessed that he had not seen the face of the killer, he just mentioned Ported because the police forced him to do so.

Later in Februarybased on these new facts, Anthony Porter was released and Alstory Simon was charged with murder. There are many arguments against the capital punishment, and on the other hand many people prove the arguments wrong, but what is the point here is how the punishment is enhanced.

If we look at the previous record, it is quite cleat that most of the punishments were under the influence of prejudice. The death penalty may not deter but aggravate the crime; it is true with all such acts where justice is over come by discrimination. Death penalty was once practiced in most of the nations, but has been sanctioned by many still yet.

In the late 20th century, some countries abolished the death penalty, imposing life sentences instead. Which is another debate?

Research papers on crime and punishment

Is the capital punishment is actually a reason for a better social and judicial system? The nations or states were death sentence is prevailed are at the same rate of crimes where there is no death sentence, but if we look at the figures we would see that in the past 20 years Texas, was the state with highest rate of crimes and is also the state with most death sentences given, infect taken into action hence it is not persuasive thus its practical value to society appears to be zilch.

If we look at the other side of the image we would find that the fear of being caught and punished makes a person become very keen in doing what he wants to do, but the equality in the judiciary is a must.

Still there is a lot of evidence that the decision making process in capital cases is enormously inaccurate. It is far a debate that in our system, race, wealth, status, geography and cast play a determining role of who should be charged or not.

This difference of color, creed, status, race and language make the decision of death sentence so fake that it seems it must be stopped. The death penalty is discriminatory. Wealth, social status, race and geography play an obvious role in determining who is charged with a capital crime, convicted, and sentenced to death Bright,Costanzo, Punishment is supposed to be for the protection of society, and for the reformation of the wrongdoer.Alternative Punishment for Juveniles.

There are many different types of alternative punishment; the amount of juvenile crime would dramatically drop if any of these were more greatly enforced. Continue for 8 more pages» • Join now to read essay Alternative Punishment for Juveniles and other term papers or research documents.

Read /5(1). Apr 06,  · The Uniform Crime eports (UC), the National Incident-Based eporting System (NIBS), and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) provide data on the rate of crime in the country.

Research papers on crime and punishment

The three agencies provide the FBI with relevant information about the rate of crime in the United States. The essays in this volume provide a new perspective on the history of convicts and penal colonies. They demonstrate that the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were a critical period in the reconfiguration of empires, imperial govern-mentality, and punishment, including through extensive punitive relocation and associated extractive labour.

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Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Crime and Punishment Making crimes comes as a result of many various things in life. The first and the greatest one is called money as the old expression that says “Money is the root of all evil”/5(1).

The police, formed in , and the detective department, formed in , was initially sidelined in crime journalism in favour of reporting the details of the crime and punishment of the offender. However, the advent of policing lead to changes in periodical journalism and subsequently in periodical crime-fiction where, as Haia Shpayer Makov.

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