Report bookie to police

Email Indian players celebrate after World Cup win in The lead investigator of the Spot-Fixing scandal has revealed that a World Cup winning Indian player was involved in touch with a bookie before an international game in But I could not probe that instance to its logical conclusion. That is what I am suggesting. This thing happened during an international cricket match, probably in the run-up to the match.

Report bookie to police

Betezy offers customers an option to bet online after football matches have begun, which appears a breach of the Interactive Gambling Act.

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It is legal to bet "in-running" by telephone, but the law is less certain when it comes to corporate bookmakers and betting exchanges offering patrons the chance to bet via the internet after a match has started.

The Betezy homepage boasts: Bet on a section of the game after the game has started. The Betezy site allows punters to bet on sections of the game -- for instance, the last quarter of an AFL match or the final 20 minutes of an NRL fixture -- before those parts of the game have begun.

Report bookie to police

Theoretically, it could be argued that the bet is not "in-running" but placed before that part of the game has commenced. A spokesman for the broadband department said yesterday that it had studied the Betezy website that morning and established what wagering options Betezy offered.

Betezy general manager Ryan Kay told The Australian on Tuesday that the corporate bookmaker had taken legal advice before introducing the betting type two months ago.


The NRL was also yesterday seeking clarification from Betezy. We are aware there are views to the contrary and have written to Betezy today asking for a copy of their legal advice.

Two more bets were laid after 60 minutes of play.To report a crime that has or may have occurred in California, dial or contact your local law enforcement agency. List of Police Departments in California List of Local Sheriff's Offices in California Abuse and Violence: National Domestic Violence Hotline: SAFE ().

Jan 01,  · I'm in the process of reporting a bookie to the police for constantly harassing me at my work place.

Report bookie to police

This bookie used to be a friend of mine, but not anymore. Couple of years ago, I . • If you are in the habit of going to bars or strip clubs, getting drunk, and flashing around stacks of cash, you should start drinking alone.

You are setting yourself up for, at best, a robbery, or, much worse, being turned in by a dancer or disc jockey or bartender needing to cut a deal with the police. Sep 18,  · Maharashtra Police raided over the biggest well-known bookie of the Maharashtra state, Anil Jaisinghani's house this Wednesday morning situated in .

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wife and mother murdered by her bookie husband or her husband's co-worker in a botched robbery? The public can report violations of U.S.

federal law or suspected terrorism or criminal activity to the FBI online or via telephone or mail.

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