Psychotherapy and cat

I do this with all my cats, even the ones who are just pets. I think this creates a very strong and special bond. So as not to lose any fingers I recommend starting with dehydrated chicken strips.

Psychotherapy and cat

Reiniventing yourself at work. Navigate your way through career transitions Beverley Whitehead is an Industrial and Organisational psychologist specialising in career counselling in Cape Town. She writes, " Our life and work commitments are seldom static. Our need for growth and development, experience of work-related stress, finding ways to express ourselves authentically, adjusting to major life transitions or simply the natural passage through life and family stages invites voluntary and regular renewals of career commitments and directions to accommodate our preferences and the demands of each life chapter.

Whether it be on repetitive rumination, projecting itself ceaselessly into the future, or into the past, the result is that many minds are incapable of being present in the present" writes Clinical Psychologist Jamie Elkon. Read the full text of Taming the mad monkey mind here.

She describes the physiological and behavioural process of addiction, through the use of metaphor. She highlights the interplay between neurological and behavioural process, such that addiction is an everyday, undiscriminating struggle.

Medical professionals are as much at risk as anyone else. The cat that got the dancing fiddle here Psychotherapy and Psychiatry - Mind and Body: Dualism or a Dynamic Synthesis Johannesburg clinical psychologist David Wilson writes "My initial idea was to present a seemingly simple set of arguments and basic ideas for an article to illustrate the challenges of integrating psychological practises with advancing medical and biological technologies.

Between this idea and the process of writing this article, I soon realised, with some trepidation, that many complexities and paradoxes exist and need to be identified and tolerated, rather than being reduced to simplistic polemical platitudes.

A theory of personhood Cheryl Pruss is a clinical psychologist in Randburg. Here she offers us a critical and evaluative account of her view of personhood and how it impacts her understanding of optimal functioning and the process of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy and cat

Read A theory of personhood here. Carmen was 30 years old.

Psychotherapy and cat

She was beautiful, intelligent and successful and surrounded by people who loved her. But a few months ago she took a fatal overdose that left her friends, colleagues and family reeling with shock.

By ending her life she had the final say. And those who knew her and cared about her are left behind with their unanswered questions, and a large dose of confusion, pain, regret, guilt and anger. Read the full article here or visit Jenny Perkels web site. The Beast that purred like a kitten - There is hope in depression Cape Town counselling Psychologist Jacques Taylor has a special interest in working with depression.

He writes, " why not start by looking at what our bodies are trying to tell us amidst the stressor that impacts on our life. What can you learn about yourself amidst this stressful time? How can you grow as a person despite what life is throwing at you?

You need to seriously ask yourself these challenging questions. There is hope in depression here or read more about Jacques Taylor. Jamie is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Cape Town. His practice is in the CBD. Read The Black Dog of Depression here. Thoughts and a case vignette of couple therapy David van der Want is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in couple and marriage therapy.

He writes, "Very often pain that is being experienced in a marriage is the smarting of an earlier wound, perhaps a wound we acquired as a child in the marriage that created us. And where this is the case a similar process is usually happening for our partner — the pain that he or she is experiencing is the activation of an old wound, a long-ago experience that happened to another person, to the children that we once were.

Thoughts and a case vignette of Couple Therapy here.Dec 15,  · Lou Ann Wyckoff cradled the gray-and-white cat in her lap. She scratched the back of its head and the cat purred, eyes closed.

When she stopped petting the cat, it . Light therapy is becoming a popular alternative for many pet ailments, from arthritis to muscle injury to wound healing. Here’s how it works and why it’s worth considering. Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) is a form of psychological therapy initially developed in the United Kingdom by Anthony Ryle.

This time-limited therapy was developed in the context of the UK's National Health Service with the aim of providing effective and affordable psychological treatment which could be realistically provided in a resource.

It shouldn’t surprise any cat person that cats make wonderful therapy animals. We all know how soothing and therapeutic a little cat love can be. Pet Partners is the largest and most prestigious non-profit registering therapy dogs and other therapy animal pets including horses, cats, rabbits, and birds.

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