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Main text without footnotes and annex: Meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future 1. In the course of these discussions, the overwhelming majority of views expressed concurred that the future CAP should remain a strong common policy structured around its two pillars.

In broad terms, Proposal copy views expressed recommended the following strategic aims: Recent incidents of increased market instability, often exacerbated by climate change, further highlight these trends and pressures.

To support farming communities that provide the European citizens with quality and diversity of food produced sustainably, in line with our environmental, water and animal welfare ambitions. The active management of natural resources by farming is a key lever to maintain the rural landscape, to combat biodiversity loss and contributes to mitigating climate change.

This is an essential basis for dynamic territories and long term economic viability. To maintain viable rural communities, for whom farming is a core economic activity creating local employment; this delivers multiple economic, social, environmental and territorial benefits.

A significant reduction in local production would also have implications with regards to greenhouse gases OHOProposal copy local landscapes as well as more limited choice for the consumer. Agriculture is an integral part of the European economy and society.

In terms of indirect effects, any significant cut back in European farming activity would in tum generate losses in GDP and jobs in other economic sectors -notably within the agri-food supply chain, which relies on the ED primary agricultural sector for high quality, competitive and reliable raw material inputs.

Rural activities, from tourism, transport, to local and public services would also be affected. Depopulation in rural areas would probably accelerate.

There would therefore be important environmental and social consequences. Reform of the CAP must also continue, to promote greater competitiveness, efficient use of taxpayer resources and effective public policy returns European citizens expect, with regard to food security, the environment, climate change and social and territorial balance.

Proposal copy

The objective should be to build more sustainable, smarter and more inclusive growth for rural Europe. To achieve this, the future CAP should contain a greener and more equitably distributed first pillar and a second pillar focussing more on competitiveness and innovation, climate change and the environment with a view to releasing the latent productivity potential, notably in the new Member States, thus contributing to the Europe objectives.

Targeting support exclusively to active farmers and remunerating the collective services they provide to society would increase the effectiveness and efficiency of support and further legitimize the CAP. All this needs to happen within the constraints of limited budgetary resources and taking into account the severe impact of the economic crisis on agriculture.

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However, the reform path of the CAP since the early s has led to a completely new policy structure. At the same time, the instruments to achieve the objectives have also changed considerably.

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Today, they are structured in two complementary pillars, with annual direct payments and market measures making up the first, multi-annual rural development measures the second pillar. The introduction of direct payments has been a lever for consistent market-oriented reforms, enhancing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector by encouraging farmers to adapt to market conditions.

Decoupled direct payments provide today basic income support and support for basic public goods desired by European society. Because of this greater market orientation, the various market measures, which were the main instruments of the CAP in the past, today provide merely a safety net only used in cases of significant price declines.

Rural development aims at promoting competitiveness, the sustainable management of natural resources, and the balanced development of rural areas by more specific and targeted measures. It gives Member States flexibility to address the issues of most concern within their respective territory with co-financing.

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Together, the present set of policy measures results in what is the main contribution of the CAP — a territorially and environmentally balanced EU agriculture within an open economic environment.

Continuing to deliver these public benefits in future will require a strong public policy because the goods provided by the agricultural sector cannot be adequately remunerated and regulated through the normal functioning of markets.C COPY PROPOSAL Copying an existing proposal is especially useful for preparing a Change/Correctedapplications, or for updating and resubmitting a similar work to the same or another sponsor.

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