Portfolio of community practice

COA notes that the number of practices struggling financially has declined by 7. At the state level, the largest number of closures is again in Florida 47followed by Texas 43 and Michigan

Portfolio of community practice

Sponsor Responsibilities Step 3: Identify a Portfolio of community practice and obtain buy-in Once you have your presentation deck assembled, schedule a meeting with a key leader in the organization who you think might champion the idea of a community of practice.

Due to the dynamic learning nature of the community of practice, tailored or modified project management practices and tools may be introduced. Other PMOs are excellent sponsors for a community of practice since they uses it as feedback mechanism for new processes and standards.

The sponsor should be willing to promote the community of practice as news in an upcoming staff meeting or department meeting.

Portfolio of community practice

Successful communities of practice have several self-directed team members that are willing to serve on a planning team to identify project management topics and manage meeting logistics.

Depending on the scope, a community of practice planning team may ask for representation from each business unit as a method to promote and exchange planning ideas across the organization.

Adopting an interactive approach to refine upcoming events is an effective technique to generate new ideas and modify presentations based on changes within the organization. A community of practice can sponsor PMP certification study groups, professional networking events and even social nights out to get to know one another.

The summit included project management software and training vendors and featured different informational sessions on project management topics. New and experienced project managers quickly learned about all the resources available to them. Start with something small that will provide immediate value to the project managers in the organization.

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Attendance is usually better if you offer some incentive to attend i. The key is to provide a forum for project managers to network and encourage knowledge sharing. Promote and Market the COP Leverage your community of practice sponsor to communicate the upcoming event.

Ask the staff members to cascade the information to their organizations. Another effective technique is to ask the PMO to send an invitation to all the project managers in the organization. A week or two before the first community of practice event, post flyers on bulletin boards or in common areas where people will see the flyers.


If your planning committee has representation from each business unit, you can cascade your event and each representative to promote the community of practice in their organization. Host your first Project Management Community of Practice event Conducting your first event can follow a simple format.

Ask your sponsor to kick off the event with a few words about the importance of the community of practice and benefit of sharing lessons learned across the organization.

Deliver the project management topic and allocate time for questions and answers.

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Remember to ask members to sign-in and leave their e-mail address as you may want to contact them directly regarding future events. Have a few hard copies of the presentation materials available and ensure the materials are distributed electronically before or after the event.

If your organization has a multiple participants from other locations, considering hosting the event with Web conferencing software like WebEx or Live Meeting.

Depending on the PM topic, you may want to consider recording the event for reuse and include it in a project management library. If you find yourself presenting on the same topic frequently, a downloadable copy of the presentation may save you the headache of delivering the same presentation again and again.

Ask your enterprise PMO to host the presentation materials on their department website or create your own site to archive the information for future visitors. Initiating a project management community of practice is a straightforward exercise in effectively planning and promoting a series of meetings.

Optimize your resume to highlight your PM experience and get an interview Find the right opportunity. Ensure the opportunity is a fit for you as well as the company. Finding the right opportunity goes beyond applying to job boards and attending a PMI meeting.

Pass the initial phone screen. Learn how to pass the phone screen and learn the secrets recruiters use to validate your profile. Prepare for the on-site interview and the stages afterward. Learn how to successfully prepare for the on-site interview using a proven technique with minimal preparation.The COA Practice Impact Report data show that, over the last decade, 1, community oncology clinics and/or practices have closed, been acquired by hospitals, undergone corporate mergers, or reported that they are struggling financially.

Monthly Portfolio Management Community of Practice. This month’s CoP will focus on capability development. Workplace mentors, learning and development practitioners, team leaders, managers and vocational educators or trainers are very welcome to attend.

Using a portfolio of evidence in a community-based project module: reflection in perspective Community-based learning, service learning, portfolio of evidence and community. Introduction A quote from Samuel Purchas, a seventeenth-century writer and explorer practice .

Monthly Portfolio Management Community of Practice. This month’s CoP will focus on capability development. Workplace mentors, learning and development practitioners, team leaders, managers and vocational educators or trainers are very welcome to attend.

GUIDELINES TO COMPILING A PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCE (POE) What is a portfolio of evidence? Generally speaking a portfolio of evidence (PoE) is a collection of documents that you must community related activities relevant to the context.

Function professionally in child and youth care work practice. Assessment Criteria 1. Developing the charter is an important step since it establishes the key goals and objectives about project management community of practice and describes the groups overall intent.

It is a useful document that can be shared with other business units, departments or interested participants.

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