Pantene consumer behavior

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Pantene consumer behavior

Amol Khandagale Abstract The Objective of this research paper is to study consumer buying behaviour towards cosmetic products. This research is conducted in Pune city and a survey method was used to collect the data from respondents. Personal care se tor is a i tegral part of the atio s e o o y ith its huge pote tial.

The personal care industry is one of the largest consumer sectors in the country. The purchasing power and disposable incomes of the Indian consumer have considerably increased and it has created a niche for leading organizations in this segment in the last decade, resulting in phenomenal growth in this sector.

Introduction Understanding behavior of consumers is a key to the success of business organizations. Marketing personnel are constantly analyzing the patterns of buying behavior and purchase decisions to predict the future trends.

Consumer behavior can be explained as the analysis of how, when, what and why people buy. According to Global Cosmetic Industry report the advanced education provided by brands about the products' ingredients and benefits have made today's consumer more aware of what they're putting on their bodies, and making them more willing to pay.

Consumer behavior can be understood as: Indian Cosmetic Industry The Indian cosmetics industry is growing in terms of product development and marketing. The prefere e of I dia o su ers is ha gi g fro the erely fu tio al produ ts to ore ad a ed a d spe ialized os eti ite s.

The entry of many multinationals into the Indian cosmetics from has made it an extremely challenging and dynamic market. Foreign players have focused more on product innovation; re-launches and brand extensions spread across multiple price points, and enhanced product penetration by extending their distribution networks.

The leading players have streamlined their ad spend to effect savings that has allowed them revamp their pricing strategies as well as offer free gifts to retain consumers. However the Growth was affected by low product awareness or lack of inclination to spend on cosmetics especially in rural areas.

The aggressive price competitions from local and regional players, which seized volumes with better trade margins and heavily discounted offerings, have also contributed to the same. Rising hygiene and beauty consciousness due to changing demographics and lifestyles, deeper consumer pockets, rising media exposure, greater product choice, growth in retail segment and wider availability are the reasons reported by Euromonitor International, Briney describes an interesting trend among Indian cosmetic consumers, while other global countries are taking to the traditional Indian herbal and ayurvedic applications for beauty solutions, Indian consumers are increasingly looking to international personal care brands as lifestyle enhancement products, in the belief that the association with and use of an international brand confers one with a sophisticated and upper class image.

According to the study conducted by Dr. Vinith Kumar Nair and Dr. Prakash Pillai R male consumers generally prefer to purchase and make the brand selection of cosmetics individually.

Quality is the major factor influencing the purchase decision of male consumers. They tend to buy cosmetic items from a single shop of their convenience.

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It is also observed that male consumers buy all their cosmetic items from one shop. The consumer buying behaviors steps in decision process model Their mainly five stages of consumer buying behavior 1.

Evaluation of alternatives 4.

Also it helps in knowing the customer base of various brands. Objectives of the study 1 To study demographic profile of consumers buying cosmetic products.Everything you need to make the right decisions. Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the Haircare - Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Coloring market, and the behaviours, preferences and habits of the consumer.

For this reason, brands are more likely to achieve a high Brand Visibility Score for their own branded keywords. Herbal Essences and Pantene, for instance, each garnered a Brand Visibility Score of for their respective keywords, ‘herbal essences shampoo’ and ‘pantene shampoo’.

The Labels Against Women campaign, made by Pantene Philippines, aims to illuminate the dichotomy by which certain gender characteristics are perceived. The video highlights examples where the same behavior can be perceived as a positive characteristic in men, but when exhibited by .

Executive Summary: Pantene is a strategic product of P&G Groups. It is a qualified, nutrilite and superior shampoo product. Vietnam has been generating Pantene series for P&G around10 years.

Pantene consumer behavior

Pantene Shampoo concentrates on Vietnamese female who are in middle or high class and consider about possessing soft, smooth and beautiful hair.

Consumer behavior provides a sound basis for identifying and understanding consumer needs. tastes and preferences are to be taken care of. To increase the chances of success of new products.

It is the act of the individuals directly involved in obtaining and using economic goods and services. Consumer Behaviour Acer vs Lenovo: Asian Brands' Global Ambitions On the global personal computer map, Acer emerged from obscurity to become the third largest PC company only behind Dell and HP.

But the company wasn't a smash Brands and Branding. brand. Brand. Branding.

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