Obesity much of the responsibility lies with the corporations by yves angler

Uncategorized hschoenauer This article is written by Yves Engler, a Canadian writer and political activist who has published several other well-known articles. Engler writes about how greatly the fast food industry has been increasing in recent decades, expanding all around the globe. He explains that portion sizes have increased immensely in recent years at restaurants how people are starting to consume more and more foods because of this. Engler explains that the main result of so many Americans becoming obese is because fast food restaurants are targeting people, especially kids to come to their restaurants.

Obesity much of the responsibility lies with the corporations by yves angler

Notice that every last one of the initial bunch is presently being paid, by Wall Street, to the tune of millions of dollars per year. They opted to cover up crimes and take a pay-off in exchange. And they are owed punishment. Obama said all the right things while methodically doing the bidding of oligarchy.

He captured the imagination of millions, if not billions, around the world with his soaring rhetoric, yet rarely skipped a beat when it came to the advancement of imperial policies. He made bailing out Wall Street, droning civilians and cracking down on journalists seem progressive.

He said one thing, did another, and people ate it up. This is an extraordinarily valuable quality when it comes to a vicious and unelected deep state that wants to keep a corrupt empire together.

In this case Trump campaign. So, the FBI did not open a criminal investigation. Instead, the bureau opened a counterintelligence investigation and hoped that evidence of crimes committed by Trump officials would emerge.

Such an abuse of power to use counterintelligence powers, including spying and electronic surveillance, is a sign of a mature "national security state". He also produced several other notable dirty tricks including his unprecedented "bait and switch" scam.

According to Wikipedia Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts.


First, customers are "baited" by merchants' advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items "switching".

While deception was used by all presidential candidates, past and present, Obama can be called Prince of bait and switch tactics.

Actually it is proper not to view Obama as a person. Obama is more of an artificially created political brand. He was brought to power by the pure force of advertizing, which exploit the fact that you can project wishes of electorate into any person with no political history the trick later repeated with Trump.

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A constructed "image" is enough. And absence of previous political experience is ideal prerequisite for the construction of the fake image that electorate wants which is the essence of "change we can believe in" trick.

Obesity has become a major health issue in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the majority of the fifty states had an obesity rate of 20% or lower. In , all but one of the states has an obesity rate of 20% or higher. " T h e farm families in Michigan, who care so much for the animals they raise, sre very pleased to be co-sponsors of the exhibit sgsin this yem," said Jack Laurie, president of t h e Michigan Farm Bureau, t h e state's largest farm organization. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, Letters to the Editor, Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL , or fax to

Tell me who is paying for your election, and I will tell what policies you will pursue ;- And Obama campaign once again demonstrated old truth: Democratic Party just plays the role of destroyer of radical left, while Republican Party plays the same role for radical right.

This provides a kind of political stability. And Obama was preselected by the same "deep state" handlers, which preselected Bill and Hillary Clinton. All talks about democracy afterwhen "shadow government" came in power in the USA is akin to a slick advertizing trick.

All the US people are allowed to do is to confirm one two preselected by deep state politicians who later can prove to be a complete puppets, or notproviding political legitimacy. Obama has close ties with the "deep state" are undeniable. He worked there for "little more than year.

He wrote about currency swaps and leverage leases. Obama also helped write financial reports on Mexico and Brazil. Obama also reportedly traveled to India, again, on unknown business for U.

WMR has been told by knowledgeable sources that Obama has, in the past, traveled on at least three passports: BIC held a series of off-the-record, no press, meetings between top U. At the very least, Obama helped in providing economic intelligence to the CIA as a contract employee.

Since President Obama has backpedaled on CIA renditions and torture, as well as warrantless electronic surveillance by U. He behaved like a staunch neocon like Hillary Clinton to whom he "outsourced" his foreign policy during his first term in the office.

He was a firm believer in American Exceptionalism which is a flavor of radical nationalismin the necessity of the US global dominance at all costs, in the maintenance and expansion of global neoliberal empire led by the USA.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

However, Yves Engler states in his essay “Obesity: Much Of The Responsibility Lies With Corporations,” that in the United States almost one third of the population is obese, and another two thirds is overweight.

Sep 10,  · “Much of the Responsibility Lies with the Corporations.” Z Magazine, Vol. 16, Dec.

Obesity much of the responsibility lies with the corporations by yves angler

Reprinted by Permission of Z Communications. Yves Engler is a Canadian writer and political activist. He often writes on issues of students and Canadian foreign policy.

Though much of the buzz surrounding the highly anticipated Netflix specials focused on Chappelles arguably offensive jokes about minority groups, much of his most salient commentary focused on the government and racial injustice within the system. Warning: Spoilers below.

The story became gospel with breathtaking suddenness and completeness. Doubters are perceived as heretics and as apologists for Trump and Putin, the evil twins and co-conspirators behind this attack on American democracy. Responsibility for the absence of debate lies in .

Bigger often is a sign of obesity, of lost control, of overcomplexity, of cancerous cells "F*ck the EU": neocons show EU its real place and endanger the US national security Victoria "f*ck the EU" Nuland appointed a neoliberal Ukrainian prime minister and organized coup d'état to install him in power.

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