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It read like a punchy crime novel set in the NT and, while I had a number of moments for pause and real concern, on balance I thought Paul had hit most of his targets — most of which were sitting ducks. For the most part the Quarterly Essay has provided valuable insights into the Australian condition, politics and our relations with our near neighbours. Sadly the most revealing insights that Last Drinks provides are into the condition of the writer. What I see in the pages of Last Drinks is an embittered, mean-spirited, uncharitable and, saddest of all, a deeply unsettled and unhappy man, uncomfortable in his own skin, self and chosen country, who goes about his work searching only for the mad and the bad and ignoring the much that is good.

Northern territory intervention essay writer

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The Australian government funded only 20 child protection workers for the whole Northern Territory. Only 1 person actually employed full time. Northern Territory task force reports have acknowledged that their inquiries are based upon the operators' observations and perceptions of the situation within their communities.

Also, they did have an examination of financial records and other on-site reports. For the Federal government to implement the Northern Territory Emergency Response, the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act of was required to give it legality. This made it legal to force communities to sign over the local autonomy of the aboriginal land in 5-year leases, to prohibit alcohol consumption and distribution in aboriginal towns, to control spending patterns through income management and store cards and to the take-over of aboriginal service-providers.

In the opinion of the author, the answer would appear to be no. As mentioned above, the vast majority of the findings of the Little Children are Sacred report were not implemented.

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Indeed, many measures were implemented that were not in the report, which would make the government's motivation suspect in the intervention. The results and benefits are marginal at best and the opposition groups are indeed on target when they harvest a lot of evidence that the measures may do more harm than good.

northern territory intervention essay writer

Indeed, using the Australian military would seem more that a bit over the top. As we saw above, many of the early supporters of the intervention changed their minds later once the paltry positive results of the Australian government's intervention in aboriginal communities became widely know and criticism became widespread.

Could not the local police be federalized or federal police deputized to implement law enforcement procedures rather than turning the Aboriginal areas into a military occupation zone?

Have the crimes in the aboriginal communities been on the level of Saddam Hussein that they need to be invaded by the Australian military and treated in the same way that Australia's enemies are dealt with overseas?The Northern Territory Intervention information The Reflective Journal Entry 2 refers to the Northern Territory Intervention (NTI) and asks you to analyse its impact (positive and/or negative) on the Aboriginal communities.

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The account of state intervention that will be discussed is the ‘Northern Territory National Emergency Response’ also known as the ‘Northern Territory Intervention’.

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Writing; Globalization and the Northern Territory Intervention; The following essay will expose the complex interconnection between the political, ; Scrimgeour, ).

Several of the more contested components of the Northern Territory Intervention were born of think-tank publications, which set this neoliberal agenda (Scrimgeour. Indigenous families on learning the news of the intervention, feared the invasion by army and federal police of 73 Northern Territory remote communities- officials who had powers to enter Aboriginal homes.

Indigenous families on learning the news of the intervention, feared the invasion by army and federal police of 73 Northern Territory remote communities- officials who had powers to enter Aboriginal homes. Essay Northern Territory Nt Intervention in This Essay and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers.

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