Htaccess rewrite all to new domain

The square brackets basically tell the server to match from the selection of characters within them.

Htaccess rewrite all to new domain

The multiple choices will usually list all choices in the body of the message and show the default choice in the Location: Status codes not modified and use proxy are not redirects.

The same is usually true even for programmers writing CGI scripts, though some servers allow scripts to add custom headers e.

Many web servers will generate a 3xx status code if a script outputs a "Location: For example, in PHPone can use the "header" function: This may not fit easily with the natural flow of control through the code. To help with this, some frameworks for server-side content generation can buffer the body data.

In the ASP scripting language, this can also be accomplished using response.

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Typical configuration directives look like: A showing example of such advanced use of the rewrite module is mdoc. This can specify a new URL to replace one page with another. This is supported by most web browsers. This is treated like a permanent redirect by Google, allowing transfer of PageRank to the target page.

The meta tag must be placed in the "head" section of the HTML file. The number "0" in this example may be replaced by another number to achieve a delay of that many seconds.


The anchor in the "body" section is for users whose browsers do not support this feature. The same effect can be achieved with an HTTP refresh header: This response is easier to generate by CGI programs because one does not need to change the default status code.

Here is a simple CGI program that effects this redirect: The W3C discourage the use of meta refresh, since it does not communicate any information about either the original or new resource, to the browser or search engine.

Ensure user control of time-sensitive content changesUse standard redirects: It can cause redirect loops when users hit the back button.

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With the following command you can prevent this type of behaviour. A slightly different effect can be achieved by creating an inline frame: This cloaking technique may be used so that the reader sees a more memorable URL or to fraudulently conceal a phishing site as part of website spoofing.

For example, the URL " http: This is unavoidable if the different links in the chain are served by different servers though it should be minimised by rewriting the URL as much as possible on the server before returning it to the browser as a redirect.

Browsers should stop redirecting after a certain number of hops and display an error message. An earlier version of this specification recommended a maximum of five redirections [ RFC ], Section Content developers need to be aware that some clients might implement such a fixed limitation.

Note that the URLs in the sequence might not repeat, e. Services[ edit ] There exist services that can perform URL redirection on demand, with no need for technical work or access to the web server your site is hosted on.

htaccess rewrite all to new domain

URL redirection services[ edit ] A redirect service is an information management system, which provides an internet link that redirects users to the desired content.

The typical benefit to the user is the use of a memorable domain name, and a reduction in the length of the URL or web address. A redirecting link can also be used as a permanent address for content that frequently changes hosts, similarly to the Domain Name System.

Hyperlinks involving URL redirection services are frequently used in spam messages directed at blogs and wikis. Thus, one way to reduce spam is to reject all edits and comments containing hyperlinks to known URL redirection services; however, this will also remove legitimate edits and comments and may not be an effective method to reduce spam.

A major drawback of some URL redirection services is the use of delay pages, or frame based advertising, to generate revenue.

htaccess rewrite all to new domain

History[ edit ] The first redirect services took advantage of top-level domains TLD such as ".RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}!-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}!-d means that if the file with the specified name in the browser doesn't exist, or the directory in the browser doesn't.

Until recently, I only had the vaguest of ideas of what mod_rewrite was, and I certainly had no clue about how to use it. So, when I started designing this site, I decided to delve into the wonders that are the mod_rewrite Apache module. I have some files placed under a particular folder in my old domain like this: I want to redirect all requests that try to access.

Drew McLellan opens 24 ways’ ninth annual advent calendar with a primer on the sometimes arcane lore of rewriting URLs.

But while Drew may ably match URL patterns using regular expressions, that shirt with the snowflake pattern clashes hideously with his holly and ivy tie. In the port 80 VirtualHost, a rule will rewrite everything that isn't the blog to SSL.

In the host, it will rewrite blog requests to non-ssl (if you want to force them back to non-ssl). Leverage browser caching to make your webpages faster.

If you can leverage browser caching, you can increase website speed Google starts considering site speed as a SEO parameter, webmasters can leverage browser caching to improve site speed and get better search engine rankings..

Here is a srmvision.comss file we .

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