Essay on importance of sports coaches

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Essay on importance of sports coaches

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Coaches were requested to respond to the survey and email the athlete survey to their respective athletes. These surveys were completed by both coaches and athletes: Although there was no significance found in Positive Feedback there was an interesting finding in that female coaches felt they were less likely to provide positive feedback than Essay on importance of sports coaches male counterparts.

The CBS-S has subscales which include: Statistical significance was found in the following subscales: Our results indicate that the level of competitive division appears to play a role in how athletes perceive their coaches and how coaches perceive themselves. Leadership is not a simple process.

There is no one way to lead and what works for one may not work for all. Therefore, the best one can do is get to know their athletes and work hard to understand their goals, motivations and needs.

Athletes of all ages are directed by coaches, giving them a significant impact on the athletes. However, the level of impact is unknown, along with the expectations of what athletes want from coaches and how do coaches perceive themselves.

Horn states that effective coaching behaviors result in the athletes reaching: Horn states that coaches can positively impact athletic performance, behavior as well as the psychological and emotional well-being of the athlete.

The coach-athlete relationship is an important factor affecting sport performance Serpa, Jowett and Cockerill discuss this relationship further. The coach and the athlete interaction is unique with the goal to bring about successful performance outcomes and satisfaction.

If the coach-athlete relationship is in sync, successful outcomes can be accomplished Coe, Kenow and Williams recommend that coaches should create positive coach-athlete interactions which will allow the coach to gain insight into the thoughts and emotions of their athletes.

Not all relationships are effective and some coaches take negative tactics in their approach to the athletes. These coaches tend to be strict, regimented and even militaristic. Ironically, they tend to be labeled as successful coaches but only seek to have their ambitions realized.

This study investigated the interpersonal aspects and perceptions of the coach-athlete relationship as it pertains to collegiate athletes at Division I and II universities and teams of different genders. The varsity sport programs included all male and female sports that were sponsored by the selected institutions.

Essay on importance of sports coaches

The first email was directed to the coaches and offered a series of questions that addressed their perceived behaviors to their athletes. The second email included a request that the attached survey link be forwarded to the athletes on their roster.


Coaching and athlete survey participants were requested to provide certain demographic information regarding their gender, sport and collegiate level. Each athlete was provided a weblink to the survey instrument, which was distributed through SNAP technology.

The instrument consisted of a single survey that was in fact the combination of three distinct devices. All instruments were adjusted to use a 5 point scale. Athletes were asked to rate each item strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree and strongly agree.

This was done to maintain scoring consistency on all instruments as they were combined into one survey for coaches and one for athletes. This instrument measures affective, cognitive and behavioral interpersonal aspects in the coach-athlete relationship such as closeness, commitment and complementarity Jowett and Ntoumanis, This scale was developed to measure leadership behaviors of sport coaches.

Essay on importance of sports coaches

The scale has five dimensions: This instrument was completed only by the athlete participants. This scale has 47 items that are divided into 7 different constructs:Youth Sports and Recreation.

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