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Obviously the discussion related to him is the most important thing here, but any feedback if you had the time would be much appreciated. David Fincher is an American director with one of the best catalogues of films in his filmography, known most for his extensive work in the thriller genre and creating some of the most dark and stylish within it. After his initial stumble with the controversial Alien 3 in which he personally disowns it as his own film, he has gone on to direct some modern classics such as Fight ClubZodiac and the Academy Award nominated The Social Networkwhich has led to him making a name for himself as one of the best directors in Hollywood, with a distinct visual style with recurring themes and motives seen in all of his work as far back as Se7en and as late as his most recent film Gone Girl Even his first work with Alien 3 has recurring themes and styles of Fincher, regardless of how much that film was ruined by studio interference.

David fincher auteur

His first film would be a major critical and commercial failure and a personal sore-spot in an otherwise exemplary filmography, but the lessons Fincher learned from that heartache have continued to stay with him and guide him in wholly inspirational ways.

Certain scenes exemplify how the use of distinct camera movements and angles can emphasize a particular tone or emotion in the film, while others establish a synthesis of various elements which have been presented throughout the film and effectively symbolize an overall theme.

Se7enThe Library Scene: Se7en follows veteran Detective Somerset and rookie Detective Mills on the hunt of a crazed serial killer named John Doe, who is exacting his own brutal form of justice based on the seven deadly sins: Early on in the film, Somerset is David fincher auteur visiting a library in which he clearly feels at home and proceeds to scour through shelves of books in search of anything related to the seven deadly sins case.

This is also true for the music as well, which is important to note because it presents a certain dissonance between the tranquility of the library with the Bach melody and its juxtaposition against the grisly images that Mills must comb through for clues.

This dissonance ultimately becomes one David fincher auteur the most poignant themes in the film once it reaches its devastating conclusion. Se7enThe Chase Scene: In what is sure to be remembered as one of the greatest foot-pursuits in cinematic history, Detectives Somerset and Mills track an ill-gotten lead which takes them to the apartment of a possible suspect known only as John Doe.

Upon arriving at the apartment, a figure shrouded in shadows and a trench coat immediately opens fire on the detectives.

Having missed his intended targets, the figure turns back and runs down the apartment building stairs. Mills follows closely while Somerset attempts to circumnavigate the labyrinth of apartments and cut the suspect off.

After chasing this figure through numerous halls, stairwells, and apartments, all while getting shot atMills follows him out onto a rooftop and down a fire escape to the rain-slicked streets below. Through a narrow alleyway, Mills thinks he has the suspect cornered and slowly makes his way alongside a parked truck.

From above, Mills is clobbered in the head with a tire iron and drops his gun. The figure appears beside him and shoves a gun in his face, just waiting and watching. For a moment it seems like Mills is doomed, but Somerset is heard just around the corner and manages to find his partner on the ground, wounded but very much alive.

The figure has vanished. John Doe is now aware that the police are gaining on his tail, but he also now knows exactly who in the police is after him and who he can use to continue his killing spree.

David fincher auteur

The GameOpening Sequence Scene: Nicholas Van Orten is a wealthy businessman living a life of self-imposed loneliness when his estranged brother gives him an invitation to a mysterious role-playing game for his birthday.

The choice to use a weathered 16mm look for the opening sequence gives the audience an immediate feeling of familial nostalgia and makes the images of Nicholas with his father all the more resonant.

David fincher auteur

Fincher utilizes every single element here in an effort to create a lasting impression on the audience and to force us into experiencing the same emotional torment that will continue to haunt Nicholas until he is finally able to reach some sort of acceptance.

The story of an insomniac searching for something or someone to take away his indescribable pain of monotony, Fight Club builds on a dichotomy of self-fulfillment and self-destruction. As the Narrator experiences this world for the first time, we also experience the same fear and adulation that others have decidedly thrust upon Tyler as a group figurehead, and upon the nature of fight club as an outwardly fulfilling way of life.

Fight ClubFinale Scene: Standing beside one another and holding hands as they stare out of the window, the Narrator and Marla watch in a trance as the headquarters of every major credit card company begins to implode within. This symbolic imagery is yet another example of the dichotomy between self-fulfillment and self-destruction that is present throughout the film and which the finale heavily capitalizes on.

The destructive nature of Tyler Durden is defeated and the Narrator becomes free to find that which will give his life fulfillment:David Fincher stops halfway into a biscuit.

He looks deep in thought. “Enough bitching from me,” he says. “I’ve bitched so much. I’m embarrassed. Right now I’m going to focus on.

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Then came series-within-the-series on directors from the generation after Kubrick: David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Brothers, and Christopher srmvision.com all alive and vey much still active, they've all forged the kind of strong styles that inspire worshipful retrospectives at cinematheques the .

Long before David Fincher was the A-list auteur behind Fight Club and The Social Network, he was the go-to video director when artists wanted people to know how much money they were spending on t. An aimless year-old with a penchant for following the rules receives a mysterious set of instructions that lead him down a path from which he may never return in director Géla Babluani's tense.

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Before making it big with feature-length films, David Fincher was a director of music videos and commercials. Music videos and commercials need to be catchy, and as an auteur filmmaker, Fincher put a lot of effort into getting the most out of the short format.

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