Attrition rate

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Attrition rate

Visit the Thesaurus for More Word History of attrition The earliest meaning of the English attrition related to spiritual repentance was borrowed from the figurative meaning of the medieval Latin etymon attritio: One obsolete and early use of the English attrition referred to the breaking or crushing of tissue, and was used in medical contexts.

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The newer senses of attrition are little more than a century old. The common phrase Attrition rate of attrition refers to a sustained effort to steadily wear down the defenses of an opponent, with the result that they are rendered weaker and less effective.

Attrition rate

An old-school CEO who had been with Stanley most of his adult life, Davis considered layoffs a last resort. But by the time he stepped down as CEO inhundreds of factory workers had lost their jobs on his orders. The attrition was sufficient to provoke an investigation by the inspector general in Shirley, Atlantic, February This had led the British to look upon these sieges as an opportunity to deplete the German army by the gradual process of attrition.

Because bythey had so many cannon and such immense supplies of ammunition, they believed that their attacks could inflict more manpower losses than they themselves would suffer. After Many, Many Hours, Kevin Anderson Beats John Isner in the Semifinals," 13 July Luring recruits, warding off wave of retirees The bulk of attrition in came from resignations, but NOPD officials hope pay raises and recruitment will fend off a hit to manpower from a potential influx of retirees.

For-profit college fraud investigations scaled back under Betsy DeVos," 13 May Derby prep season is often a war of attrition, with as many dispiriting twists as thrilling turns.Attrition may refer to the gradual reduction of the size of a workforce by not replacing personnel lost through retirement or resignation.

Attrition warfare, the military strategy of wearing down the enemy by continual losses in personnel and material; Loss of personnel by Withdrawal (military); Attrition (medicine, epidemiology), the loss of participants during an experiment.

Weve seen the attrition rate creep back up and hover around 15 per cent and some universities reporting attrition rates double that average. Australia: Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham The data shows an overall average attrition rate for the matriculated class of and was 3.

The attrition rate shows the percentage of employees you lost for one reason or another and did not replace. If you started the year with 20 employees and finished it with 15, your attrition rate would be 25 percent. If your company has high attrition, you will be forced to continuously advertise, interview and hire new employees to take the place of those employees who have left.

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Word History of Attrition. The earliest meaning of the English attrition related to spiritual repentance was borrowed from the figurative meaning of the medieval Latin etymon attritio: "hardship, tribulation."This figurative meaning stemmed from the earlier uses of attritio that refer to bruising or wearing away by rubbing—two processes that, when applied to the body, can feel like tribulation.

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