An argument in favor of engineers having strong background in computer technology for their careers

You cannot just expect a new job to fall in your lap, though. You need a winning resume to get your foot in the door.

An argument in favor of engineers having strong background in computer technology for their careers

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You might not have heard of these jobs yet, but most of them simply require critical thinking skills, creativity, strong communication skills, and—best of all—zero coding ability.

Could you see yourself in one of these tech jobs for non-technical people? What do any of these mean? And how could you possibly be qualified for any of them? This guide to some of the more obscure job titles and lingo used in the tech field is here to help.

There are an amazing number of jobs in the tech field that are open to those without programming experience—you just have to know how to find them. Digital Humanities What is it? Exactly what it sounds like, the intersection of computing and humanities. In practice, this has a broad range of applications, from online curating to analyzing cultural data.

It is mainly a research-based, academic field.

An argument in favor of engineers having strong background in computer technology for their careers

Liberal arts degrees are particularly well-suited for digital humanities jobs. User interface designers work on the designs for websites, computers, smartphones, applications, and software to make sure they are understandable and usable by the average customer. Your job would be to think about how the visuals of a website or an app could be improved and to communicate that to the programmers using mock-ups essentially a fancy term for drawing boxes and rough sketches.

Project MUSE - The Origins and Early History of Computer Engineering in the United States

Someone with a good eye for visuals and an understanding of the average user. No technical degree required. User Experience UX What is it? Similar to user interface design, but with a broader application. Rather than just focusing on the visual interface, you are looking at the entire subjective experience of the user.

You would be making decisions about which features and information are most important to the user, how to structure the product so that those are easily accessible, how to keep the product consistent throughout, and other similar concerns. Will probably involve conducting user testing asking people to test out your design and interviewing them about the experience.

People who can empathize with the average customer and understand their experience. Good communication skills are also important. An incredibly broad field that includes many of the other items on this list information architecture, ontology, analytics, search engine optimization.

Information science focuses on the storage, retrieval, analysis, dissemination, and general movement of information.


This job involves a good deal of organizing and storing information for easy accessibility—whether that information is data, images, audio files, or something else entirely.

Do you enjoy organizing? Do you have experience working with large databases or with digital collections? Then information science might be a good fit for you.

Information Architecture What is it? In the broadest sense, information architecture refers to how information is structured—how it is classified, divided, and stored.

In terms of websites, it means carefully considering each piece of information on the website and how it should be classified, which other pieces of information it should be grouped with, and how users should be able to access it. Should it appear on the homepage, or only on the events page?

How long should the post be available after the event is over? An intuitive understanding of websites and a love of organization are great for this job.

The many hours you spent browsing the internet instead of doing your homework are now a marketable job skill! In its simplest terms, mapping how things relate to other things. In terms of software engineering, it involves creating diagrams that demonstrate how different types of information relate to each other, what properties the different types of information share, and how they can be operated on.

A good choice for those who like flowcharts; involves some knowledge of programming.

An argument in favor of engineers having strong background in computer technology for their careers

Interaction Design IxD What is it? Quite similar to both user interface and user experience design, interaction design is decidedly non-programming focused, emphasizing the human rather than the computer side of human-computer interaction.

How do people interact with the technology they use?

Computer Systems Analysts, Engineers, and Scientists

What are the themes?Jan 31,  · In addition to describing changes in access and success in higher education, researchers have more recently concentrated their attention on students’ participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs as these are providing graduates with stable and well-remunerated employment.

Mar 14,  · Also, most laypeople do not have the knowledge required to arrive at a meaningful conclusion about global warming, just as we do not have the knowledge required to arrive at a meaningful conclusion about medicine, physics, computer science, and other highly technical fields.

In the mids to mids, the field of computer engineering emerged in the United States as the jurisdiction of engineering expanded to include computer hardware design.

Oct 16, Career resources for technology careers. | See more ideas about Technology careers, Computer science and Stem careers. Career resources for technology careers. I think basic understanding of the subjects like computer architecture and organisation, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, networks, Object-Oriented Programming, theoretical computer science, compilers, software engineering, etc.

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