All americans have the right to a health care coverage

Health Insurance Resources Health insurance in the United States of America is a difficult concept to understand at times. With over million residents in the country,

All americans have the right to a health care coverage

Mandos permalink July 1, I think that if people knew the numbers, they would understand they were being conned, by their leaders, by the media, and above all by the insurance industry.

I do not share your confidence that people, when confronted with the evidence that they are being conned at such a scale, would react the way you seem to think that they would react. Interestingly, the tide of public support for single-payer appears to have turned in recent months.

A similar bill is anticipated for the Senate. There are two core arguments in favor of single-payer, one moral which is basically the one the Democrats are employing in the Senateone economic — single-payer is cheaper long-term and gets better overall results in terms of morbidity and mortality.

Extremely interesting post, and equally-interesting comments. But the Clintons and other conservaDems managed to strangle that possibility for another quarter century.

This time around, Obamacare was deployed to suck up all the oxygen in the room, keeping topics like single-payer on the fringes. And once passed, the institutional inertia of an existing system continued to do so, as was the intent. In spite of what Mandos claims, it is still not socially acceptable in the US to advocate just letting people suffer or die.

And naturally by also appealing to the self interest that our tiered and rationed system promotes. Carla permalink July 1, painted jaguar said: We said at the time that the Clintons had set universal health care back 20 years. Little could we have imagined that inpost-Obamacare, friends of our family afflicted with cancer would need GoFundMe donations to help with the cost of their care.

Mandos permalink July 1, paintedjaguar: I think your analysis is profoundly wrong for reasons I have mentioned many times ad nauseum The fundamental issue is: The fact that it was so susceptible is the evidence that single-payer was not around the corner, suddenly snatched away.

Mandos permalink July 1, Re: He wants to propose health savings accounts to satisfy a fetish. He wants to denigrate the moral basis of universal care. He can do this, and remain at the heart of American media, without a glimmer of the disgust of others driving him away from his position.

Certainly not, you are right. That principled agreement, which is necessary to proceed, must be built through certain kinds of effort. Effort that takes into account the opportunities that present themselves as they do. It is the major PR weapon of employers in most labor-management disputes. Most people hate the noise of political conflict and they hate even more the raw exposure of conflicts of interest.

I would not underestimate how easy it is for determined reactionaries, deluded in their libertarian bubble, to overplay their hand. July 1, nihil obstet: We are social animals.

Despite our love of the myth of the brave individual standing alone against error, we want acceptance, standing, and status within our group. We tend very strongly to adopt the opinions of our society. And it should, or else we would not have the bonds of agreement and affection that make us human.

We need to develop and advance an outlook of solidarity explicitly. I see it as being like the fight for civil rights in the 50s and 60s. It took leadership and force to integrate public institutions and require equal treatment for all races.

Init was, as Lee Atwater explained in his infamous southern strategy interview. Although we have not reached a post-racist Eden, public accommodations cannot refuse service based on race and employment cannot overtly be denied on the basis of race.

I grant you, for the most part, that the American cultural gestalt and the place of libertarian selfishness in it is not an accident and was at least in part nurtured deliberately, although aspects of the history of the USA make it an inherently fertile territory for that ideological fruit.

Look at the need for Black Lives Matter.

All americans have the right to a health care coverage

That tells me that actually, what had been accomplished was, yes, great and important — but incomplete. And you can bet that much if not all of the civil rights leadership would see it that way. Supporting a system that excludes our neighbors because of their financial position is perpetuating it.

I see failure for any leader to argue for universal health care not as pragmatic reform but as moral failure. Oh, it is a moral failure…but on whose part?

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People do not react in the profound way that the health care debate needs them do when merely confronted with a stern moral teacher.The Upton-Long Amendment further strengthens the American Health Care Act’s (AHCA) protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions by providing an additional $8 billion in resources over 5 years to those with pre-existing conditions.

Jun 22,  · WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans, who for seven years have promised a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, took a major step on Thursday .

All americans have the right to a health care coverage

Oct 31,  · Congress proposes a straightforward solution. Senator Ron Johnson (R., Wisc.) and Rep. Fred Upton (R., Mich.) have proposed the “If You Like Your Health Care Plan You Can Keep It Act,” with. Kaiser Family , N=1, adults nationwide.

Margin of error ± 3.

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"Moving forward, do you think President Trump and his administration should. The threat of Obamacare repeal has changed attitudes towards ensuring every American has health coverage. Medicare-for-all gets nearly two-thirds support, but a “single-payer health insurance system” is a little more divisive: 48 percent have a positive reaction, and 32 percent have a negative.

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